Takuro Osaka «Revelation by Cosmic Rays» 2002.

Takuro Osaka, Perpendicular 1, 2002
Perpendicular, 2002

Although I'm nothing but a mediator to visualize a natural phenomena, through this activity
I indulges myself in contemplation. Even I sometimes experience that an uneasiness feeling which we feel before an unpredictable light cycle will change to an easiness feeling. I suppose the reason is that we feel the existence of the space, but moreover, we feel the meaning or the will for our existence though the work.

Takuro Osaka, Perpendicular 2, 2002
Takuro Osaka, Perpendicular 3, 2002
Takuro Osaka, Perpendicular 4, 2002
In the work Perpendicular, I have made a situation that spectators can face to the energy lines. Those 256 red LED disappear as soon as the cosmos light reaches to them.

Takuro Osaka, Parallel, 2002
Parallel, 2002

Audience is led to an adjacent room through a small square tunnel opening to a red-colored room. There, they will find a darkened space with two mirrors, one on the ceiling and the other on the floor, to invite them to the world of infinite reflection. They are enclosed within blue gleaming beams infinitely stretching high upwards and deep downward.

One event triggers a totally contrary consequence, but one is not allowed to see the two opposing phenomena simultaneously. The universe inherently has such structural contradiction.

source: takuro-osaka.com