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Accelerating Weaponization of Near Earth Space: 1960 to the Present.AAA : Prisoners of the Earth : come out !Peter Weibel «Orbital Sculpture» 1985.Andrey and Julia Velikanov «Universal Substitute» 2001.Alighiero Boetti «Cieli ad alta quota» 1993.Alighiero Boetti «Territoires occupés» 1969.Cai Guo Qiang «No Destruction: Bombing the Taiwan Museum of Art» 1998.Arthur Woods «OURS - Orbiting Unification Ring Satellite» 1986-90.Sigmar Polke «The Hunt for the Taliban and Al Qaeda» 2002.Roman Signer «Rockets» 1982-1995.Michael Sailstorfer «Higher Visit» (Hoher Besuch) 2005.Huang Yong Ping «Bat Project I-IV» 2001-04.