Chesley Bonestell «Saturn as Seen from Titan» 1944.

Bonestell's ground breaking space illustrations appeared in major publications including: Life, Scientific American, and Astounding Science Fiction. He began collaborating with Willy Ley, a founding member of the German Space Travel Society and the author of the classic Rockets, Missiles and Men in Space. Ley and Bonestell produced The Conquest of Space (1949) and Beyond the Solar System (1964). Teaming up with Wernher von Braun and others, they brought out Conquest of the Moon (1953). and Arthur C. Clarke and Bonestell toured the planets in Beyond Jupiter (1972).

Bonestell Space Art Archivist, Melvin H. Schuetz, holds Chesley Bonestell's most famous painting «Saturn as Seen from Titan» 1944. Courtesy Adler Planetarium.

Chesley Bonestell, Beyond Jupiter
Model of the Voyager spacecraft constructed by Bonestell as a reference guide for his paintings in «Beyond Jupiter» with Arthur C. Clarke 1972.

«As my knowledge of the technical side of the motion picture industry broadened, I realized I could apply camera angles as used in the motion pictures studio and illustrate 'travel' from satellite to satellite, showing Saturn exactly as it would look». ~ Chesley Bonestell.


Art copyright © Bonestell Space Art, used with permission