Up 'n down

Immersed in a peep-show atmosphere for five consecutive evenings White Box will be showing off in its finest attire. In order to highlight the artificial processes of dramatization in such a show as the presidential election campaign, Sophie Rusniok puts candidate-free elections to the test, by exposing an almost eerie, empty podium. Leaving the podium empty, the artist steals a morbid glance at the drama behind the campaign staging involved in risking the elections by not presenting any candidates.

Up and Down, a polysemous and obvious reference to the elections also has an additional, deeper meaning in Sophie Rusniok’s work; “I always consider the possibility of the two extremes, without ruling one out. My work explores the limit, the true/false. I am interested in the prospect that opposites can be interchangeable.” Rusniok asserts. In the same way that the mechanisms of an electoral campaign function, the artist leads us to forget about true realities, giving free rein to the imagination.

Most of Rusniok´s work can be regarded as a meditation on absence, conveyed with minimalist means. Up and Down is used here to define her stance vis-a-vis the presidential campaigns from her perspective as an artist in the Berlin scene—with a dizzying surfeit of exhilarating sound effects and verbal abuse.

Claire Luna

Sound: S. Lemercier