Screencast :: Bluetooth Twin Screens ZKMax simulation 2006

bluetooth_g2.png A screencast of the 2 big screens in the Bluetooth public environment donwtown Munich.

Screen Left is the Master Screen. Bluetooth activated cellphone models control the 'Gotchi Grid' or universe of portrait icons rotating representatives of SpacePlace folksonomy tags. Just using the cellphone's joystick once connected, ZKMax guests toggle left, up, down, right and clicks to select a face, or gotchi.

SpacePlace Bluetooth installationn simulated Screencast.

Screen Right takes its command from Screen Left. It is a 'User Mashup'. Stills culled from the Net, other media, sound files and videos, play as a list, images unstable, wobbling, refocusing their frames, animating digital photos and mixed media to the sound of an audio feed of radio telescopes scavenging glimpses of far away locations.