Sensorium «Breathing Earth» 1998.

Sensorium, Breathing Earth angle1, 1998
Breathing Earth angle 1, 1998

The Breathing Earth offers a visualization of compressed earthquake data. Data is included from earthquakes that have occurred worldwide in the past 14 days. The contents take the form of a WWW site filmed with time-lapsed photography.
How can we be eating, watching a movie, or creating a Web site on the surface of a body of such violently fluctuating energy?

Sensorium, Breathing Earth angle2, 1998
Breathing Earth angle 2, 1998

Currently, on-line data is used from the International Database Center IDC. The data includes undefined vibration data by analysts, therefore the earthquake data is not 100% scientifically precise. Actually, the Earth revolves on its orbit at an extraordinary speed. The Earth's speed fluctuates owing to the centrifugal force of the planet's revolution, the gravitational force of the Moon, and expansion from the spin of the Earth itself.
The Earth is also influenced by a magnetic storm from the sun, and sometimes it passes through a trail of cosmic dust at a tremendous speed. Studies show the axis of the spin changes when an earthquake greater than a magnitude of seven on the Richter scale occurs. The axis slowly returns to normal. What a dynamic environment in which we live.

Sensorium, Breathing Earth parameter, 1998