Antoine Schmitt «Mobile Lines» 2000.

Antoine Schmitt Mobile Lines street 2000

White autonomous lines live in a large space on the ground. They react to the passers-by, incarnating their near past and future paths. Autonomous and interactive, they play with their movements, anticipating and adapting, confronting them with their own free will. Les Lignes mobiles, Mobile Lines, is an interactive installation designed to insert itself in the reality of a public place, and which stems from a simple concept.

Antoine Schmitt Mobile Lines screenshot 2000.

A videoprojector projects lines on the ground, both according to the passers-by and in an autonomous way, improvised by a computer. These lines concretize, in a signaletic way, links and directions for the passers-by themselves or between them.

Antoine Schmitt Mobile Lines plan 2000

The lines are white, minimal, fluid, semi-autonomous, and sensitive to the passers-by. They appear and disappear, cross in arabesques. They choose some passers-by and get attached to them until they leave the projection zone, following them or preceeding them in their movement. They tend to create links between them. Les Lignes-mobiles set up an interaction zone, an interference zone between passers-by chosen at random, or between a passer-by and the line that got attached to him. Mobile Lines is an installation designed to be adapted to the dynamic of the installation place: wandering or not, fast or slow, crossing or path, etc.

Antoine Schmitt Mobile Lines street 2 2000.