Damien Robinson «Aerial» 2002.

Damien Robinson, Aerial 4, 2002
Aerial, 2002
Interactive web-based digital sonic work

Aerial utilises an arbitrary meteorological scale of reference. Visuals based on the ten cloud formation classifications are linked to narratives filtered in response to changing levels of atmospheric pressure. Most voice power is contained in lower frequency sounds, yet information content exists mainly in the higher frequencies.
The compression and distortion of speech, an airbone communication method, is reflected by variations in the air itself. The viewer's experience becomes subject, like the weather, to change.

Damien Robinson, Aerial 2, 2002
Damien Robinson, Aerial 1, 2002
Damien Robinson, Aerial 3, 2002

«If you are overwhelmed by information, you lose your sense of what information is for, and what sort of information you need. Most people can't remember the television news from the previous day.
About the only thing on television that seems to be relevant is the weather. At least that gives people a sense of something they can do as a result of getting some information.» ~ Neil Postman.

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