Louise K Wilson «Spadeadam» 2003.

Spadeadam, DVD Projection, Gallery TPW Toronto, 2003.

In Spadeadam, Wilson investigates a UK Cold War test site, now used by Britain's Royal Air Force as an electronic warfare training range. Spadeadam is a layered visualization of diverse relationships to a militarized landscape. Accompanying the work is a commissioned soundtrack composed by Zoviet France.


Since 1988, Wilson's work has involved the participation of individuals from industry, medicine and various departments of scientific research. This important process both informs her work through direct dialogue and acts as a means to produce original material. Wilson ’s work explores perceptual, social and cultural aspects of science and technology. Processes of research are central to this practice and she frequently involves the participation of individuals from industry, museums, medicine and scientific research in the making of work. Previous associations have included the Montreal Neurological Institute, the Science Museum, the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training facility in Moscow, the RSPB and the Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service.


Recent video and broadcast audio pieces spring from a curiosity about how the technology of flight affects our physiological states and psychological selves. To this end she has participated in a movement experiment in zero gravity, co-opted a team of air traffic controllers in formation cycling on the runway at Newcastle Airport and been a passenger in an aerobatics plane repeatedly looping the loop in Northumbria airspace. Exhibitions have included Artists Airshow, RAF Farnborough,2004; Arena, Baltic, 2003; and Runway/ Spadeadam, Gallery TPW, Toronto (2003). Her video Spadeadam is in the Archive at the Imperial War Museum , London.