Robert Rauschenberg «Stoned Moon» 1969.


In 1969 Robert Rauschenberg was invited by NASA to witness the lift-off of Apollo 11 at Kennedy Space Center and to use this theme in his work. He created a series of lithographs celebrating the astonishing achievements of the United States NASA Apollo Mission to the Moon. The Stoned Moon series was actually a double pun - the image of this historically groundbreaking event being put on lithographic stones and the feeling of being 'stoned' metaphorically on one of the most important events in the history of man.




Rauschenberg's extraordinary abilities in all media to combine images meant that he could convey the poetry, and not just the technology, of the lunar mission. Since the inception of NASA's Art Program in 1962, NASA has invited more than 250 American artists to be involved in the U.S. space programs and to interpret space flight through art. In a creative melding of art and space, the artists, responding to space exploration on emotional and spiritual levels, documented the work of engineers, astronauts, and scientists.




«There is no reason not to consider the world as one gigantic painting.» ~ Robert Rauschenberg.