Alexei Leonov «First spacewalker» 1965.

Cosmonaut Salizhan Sharipov on board ISS March 18, 2005 - 40th anniversary of first space walk performed by Alexei Leonov. Screen of notebook computer in Sharipov's hand shows Alexei Leonov artwork Over the Planet depicting the first spacewalk.

Over The Planet, 2003.
oil on canvas.

«During my training for this mission, I did a drawing showing how I imagined myself walking in space high over the planet Earth in the outer cosmos. The dream came true, and space walking became a reality with my EVA on Voskhod 2 in March 1965. During the space walk, I was exposed to the vacuum of space for some 20 minutes, considerably longer than expected, due to problems re-entering the spaceship. The pressure difference between air in my space suit and the vacuum of the cosmos expanded my space suit and made it rigid, and I had to force some of the air out of the suit in order to close the lock`s outer hatch. ... I often reflect upon this event, and almost 40 years later I created an oil painting Over The Planet based on my early 1965 drawing-scetch.» ~ Alexei Leonov.

Time magazine cover from March 25, 1965 featuring cosmonaut Aleksei Leonov, the first man to walk in space.

September 1999. Art Studio of cosmonaut Alexei Leonov in Star City. A. Panchenko and A. Leonov pictured next to oil painting N-1, The Beginning, which Leonov did for A. Panchenko.

Cyclone Over Singapore 1975.
This cyclone over Malaysia was seen by Leonov during the evening of the Apollo-Soyuz linkup in 1975. It is the first cyclone depicted by an artist from space. It shows the unusual size of this system, which poked through the Earth's ionosphere, and spread over nearly a quarter of the globe.

«Space exploration and work in space must serve the people of the whole world. I’ve been in space, I’ve seen it and feel obligated to share my vision of space with people by means of art I have at my disposal. ~ Alexei Leonov.

Exploration of the Moon Begins 1966.
Old Soviet 4 x 6 shows the vision of Alexei Leonov of how team after team arrives to the Moon delivering new equipment necessary for permanent presence of people on the Moon.