David A. Hardy «Asteroids» 1970s.


«I have produced a number of paintings over the years which feature asteroids and impacts. Right is the primordial Earth, which, like its Moon, was peppered constantly with bodies of all sizes. But the Earth shows few craters today, because of the action of its air, water and volcanic activity, while the Moon still bears its scars for anyone with a telescope to see.» ~ David A. Hardy.


«The favoured defence from an asteroid, at present, is to detonate a nuclear device, which could easily be launched with current technology ~ not to attempt to destroy it, which could merely shatter it into many fragments, each of which could do damage, but to deflect it into a harmless orbit, away from Earth.»


«Asteroids which cross Earth's orbit are known as Apollo asteroids, and these are of course the ones which are likely to pose a problem. This one approaches Earth and Moon from a Sunward direction. If the asteroid gets through, as did the one on the Yucatan Peninsula which may have decimated the dinosaurs, the view from space will be like this.»


«Meanwhile, there is a real need for an international surveillance network to discover, observe and follow up the study of Near Earth Objects (NEOs). This is where Spaceguard UK is trying to help. You can contact them at the link here.» ~ David A. Hardy.


source: hardyart.demon.co.uk