David Fried «Self Organizing Still Life Venice» 2002.

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interacting with the sounds of Venice, 2002
Futura Film Prize Düsseldorf winner.

The Acronym S.O.S implies communication within the trust of an interdependent social system. Fried has chosen SOS - Self Organizing Still Life, as the working title for his ongoing series of sound-stimulated interactive sculptures, which premiered at Art Berlin in 1998.

Fried is able to give an individual character to each of the solid hand-made spheres, allowing them to respond and behave differently to live sound, though the artist is able to give each entire SOS a particular overall tendency of choreographic response. Like two people would dance differently to the same music, the spheres interact in a unique and live choreography directly initiated by its environment. When an acoustic signal is no longer detected, the spheres come to rest in ever-different constellations. (Still-Life)

Piazza San Marco, Venice.

As we simultaneously influence and trace the movements of the spheres, our attention becomes increasingly focused on the non-linear dynamic relationships that unfold between them, effectively shifting the emphasis away from the individual objects themselves towards a highly subjective glimpse of the bigger picture.

Creating a complex live visual experience, Fried‘s interactive sculptures are compelling by their symbolically provocative simplicity, as the viewer is moved to forge perspectives on relationships, life and the universe of thought.

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source: davidfried.com