Yoko Ono «Sky TV» 1966-2005.

Yoko Ono, Sky TV, 1966
Sky TV, 1966.

Sky TV is one of the earliest examples of video sculpture and Yoko Ono's only video work. A camera placed on the outside wall or roof of the gallery, trained on the sky, transmits live images of the sky to a television monitor in the gallery, projecting the exterior world into an interior space.

Sky TV reflects Ono's conceptual approach to video, in which the idea becomes the subject of the work. Sky TV was made shortly after the Sony Portapak was introduced on the market and before the advent of videotape; a time when all images on television were generated and controlled by a few commercial television companies and cable TV was still a dream. Further, the ubiquity of surveillance camera technology in contemporary society was largely unknown in 1966, indicating how precocious Ono's vision was. Significantly, the camera is aimed not at the viewer but at the sky, implying the necessity of considering an infinite world beyond the ego and the hypnotic pull of commercial television. Into the Light.

Yoko Ono, Sky TV, 2002
Sky TV, 2002.

This multi-version of her work is based on the Sky TV which was released in 1966.
Nine videos cameras have been toward the sky and eighty-one TV monitors show piece of Tokachi sky. «The sky shines equally to us so it doesn't care who is rich. Everyone can share the sky all the time. When we got poor and have a hard time, the sky shines eternally,» she said.

Yoko Ono, Sky TV, 2005
Yoko Ono, Sky TV, 2005
Sky TV for Hokkaido, 2005
Shimizu, Hokkaido, Japan.

Sky TV for Hokkaido 2005 (15 TV monitors that air the Hokkaido sky), Wish tree, Blue Room event, Cloud Piece (a hole dug in the garden with a mirror), films by Yoko Ono.
Sky TV is displayed in a deserted house in Hokkaido. Also other pieces by Yoko Ono will be located at the deserted house.
«Is there an art that can be greater than the beauty of the sky?»

Yoko Ono, Sky TV, 2001
Sky TV Yokohama Triennial, 2001.

The installation by 81 television monitors which relay the image of the sky which 9 cameras which are installed in the race track project. Among images, it was funny to have those where the nail of the utility pole appears in the edge.

Yoko Ono, Piece of Sky
A Piece of Sky

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