Mario Ramiro «Gravity Zero» 1986.


«The idea of freeing an object from the action of gravity is rather disconcerting and at the same time confronts us with enormous limitations. The question of levitation is fascinating not only because of the unique condition of a body floating in the air, but mainly because of the absence of any type of visual support maintaining the object in space. Levitation is something that presents itself as an inherent question for sculpture: it offers new directions for the classic problem of support. In Gravity Zero, made of glass, brass, and wood, an electromagnet regulated by a photoelectric sensor permits the maintenance of small metallic objects in space.» ~ Mario Ramiro.


«If the object begins to fall, the photo sensor will receive more light and with the aid of an amplifier the magnetic force upon the object is increased, levitating it again to a point of equilibrium. Under these conditions it would be possible to speculate about the construction of objects that are free of the spatial and physical parameters that orient us, such as 'above' and 'below.' The form of these objects can be free from the limits of mass and weight, creating new principles of construction and distribution of material. Free from the pull of gravity, said objects can assume the strangest and most imaginative configurations, approaching the old historical dream of liberating the sculpture from its base.» ~ Mario Ramiro.