Mariko Mori «Portrait of a Birth of a Star» 1995.

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Mariko Mori, Birth of a Star 1995

eyestorm: The Portrait of Birth of a Star photograph is a different version of a work that you made in 1995, right?

Mariko Mori: Yes. Originally it was a 3D photograph, a holographic photograph, so that the character appears almost like a virtual reality figure, a virtual pop star, and it was accompanied by a song sung by myself. This version is a photograph: a headshot of the same character who was originally seen full-length. I'm wearing pink contact lenses in the image. A lot of people do see the eyes as very futuristic; particularly for this character - it's like someone existing but without existence, if you understand me.

The same computer technology that Mori uses to make her mermaid figure appear and reappear in Empty Dream changes her into an oversized, plastic pop star doll in Birth of a Star. This photograph is presented in a light box (a format often used in advertising) and with a special, three-dimensional effect giving it a uniquely luminous quality. It is accompanied by a pop song composed and sung by the artist, which further enhances our experience of this captivatingly unreal figure.

Mariko Mori, Birth of a Star 1995
Mori Doll, 1998.