Alexander L. Zaitsev «One-dimensional Radio Message for 'Blind' Aliens» 2000.

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Alexander L. Zaitsev, One-dimensional Radio Message for 'Blind' Aliens
Evpatoria dish used to send message.
The antenna is 70m of diameter with a 150kW transmitter at 6cm.

Evpatoria (1999): In 1999, an interstellar message was broadcasted in direction of 4 stars. This transmission took place at the Evpatoria installations in Ukraine. With its 70 m. dish and a 150kW transmitter at 6cm, Evpatoria is one of the most powerful deep space radars. Four years later another broadcast was performed from Evpatoria in the direction of 5 others stars.
The concept of both messages was based on the work on two Canadian physicists: Stephane Dumas and Dr. Yvan Dutil. An American company called 'Team Encounter' 2001 orchestrated the whole adventure under the name of Cosmic Call. The message sent in 1999 is a series of small pictures of 127 by 127 pixels. Each page contains symbols conveying the information. The whole message starts by describing mathematical concepts and symbols. The following pages are a progressive introduction to basic notions of physics, chemistry and biology. The message is more than merely symbols put on a page. Some concepts and knowledge described in it can only be achieved by a great deal of understanding the nature surrounding us. For example, by displaying the periodic table of atoms we do more then just saying we know those atoms. It states that we understand the fundamental structure of matter. Knowledge of Science is like a tree. Knowledge of a small branch implies that the big one is well understood.

The Interstellar Rosetta Stone (ISR) is a message also created by Canadian scientists Yvan Dutil and Stephane Dumás. The size of the ISR is 263906 bits with 127 symbols in each of 2078 lines. Unlike their message of 1999 which consisted of 23 'pages' where each page was 127 X 127 binary elements, the ISR uses a slightly different approach: Different 'pages' have different numbers of 'lines'. The contents of the ISR, representing an attempt to create an elementary encyclopedia of terrestrial knowledge, was not significantly changed from the Dutil-Dumás message of Cosmic Call 1999.

Arecibo (1974): In 1974 this was the first message ever deliberately beamed into space. It was made from Puerto Rico as part of the ceremonies held to mark a major upgrade to the Arecibo Radio Telescope and was aimed at the star cluster M13, roughly 21,000 light-years away. This type of message was first conceived of by Frank Drake and the idea was explored by The Order of the Dolphin as a good method of encoding and conveying information into space with Radio Telescopes. The message was supposed to convey several pieces of information including:
- the Arecibo telescope
- a man
- a double helix meant to represent DNA
- the solar system.

The transmission was made for only three minutes and was largely a symbolic effort. It is unlikely it will ever be received by another intelligent life form. However, mankind has been unintentionally transmitting signals for decades - mainly in the form of high-frequency television, radio, and radar signals that bleed off into space. The oldest of our TV signals have already reached several thousand other star systems. So who knows - while we are actively listening for signs of ET, we may be communicating our own existence by accident!

Alexander Zeitsev, One-dimensional Radio Message for 'Blind' Aliens
The Arecibo Message space to travel endlessly


The previous radiomessages for aliens, 'Arecibo' (1974) and 'Evpatoria' (1999) were the logical ones and represented the binary stream of FM information, which should be arranged into two-dimensional forms to perceive by eye-like sense-organ. And I guess the primary one-dimensional message is more understandable by unfamiliar aliens and the music is the most universal expression of intellectual activity by means of one-channel ear-like radiolink. Further, the Theremin instrument is the most preferable for interstellar transmission since Theremin produces quasi-sinusoidal narrowband signals with continuous phase under performance, which are more easy for extraction from noise. So, I suggest to implement the 1st Theremin Concert for Aliens from Arecibo or Evpatoria Radar facility. The Theremin virtuoso Lidia Kavina agrees to give such Concert with appropriate classic and cosmic repertoire either in on-line mode at observatory's concert-hall or off-line Concert in audio studio. The Theremin's signal lies at about (0-10) kHz, and it should be shifted by SSB mixer to radar band and transmitted into space toward any star cluster or Sun-like star.
(Alexander L. Zaitsev)

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