Ezra Orion «An Existential Cathedral» 1989.

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Yigal Zalmona, Chief Curator of The Arts, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 1994:
On a warm evening, June 22, 1989, a beam of energy was launched from the Israeli Space Agency Laser Observatory, in Bar-Giora. This beam, launched vertically at the speed of light, vertically to the plain of the Milky Way, is the natural evolution of Ezra Orion's creative process.

Starting with Staircase, an environmental sculpture, in Jerusalem, through the stone lines and staircases that guide the observer's eye to the 'geological runways of the mind' - the summits of the Annapurna range in the Himalaya, and beyond them to a proposed stone-line sculpture to be executed by the future Mars-Rover spacecraft on the surface of the planet Mars - these stages are all part of the creative drive that revolts against gravity, physically and metaphorically, a rebellion against earth-bound human existence.

While the beam was cruising on its way out of the solar system, down below, beside the white NASA's coach, stood a group of people almost casually. The beam, encountering galaxies and limitless space amidst cosmic energy storms, joins the Infinite and human existence.

Then on April 27, 1992, Orion organized the launching of a host of energy beams from the global Wegener Laser Ranging network. Together these beams formed an atheist's 'Cathedral,' cruising through the Solar System -- to the limitless space onto infinity --

The mythical ascent of Icarus is part of this drive to defy gravity, which is present in many sculptural and architectural works throughout history, from the medieval cathedrals to the Endless Column of Brancusi.

The host of parallel beams of energy is a sculptural message which fuses a mystical oriental experience of expansion into the universe and a western concept of the individual, technological revolt against our random existence.

«The sculptural works of Ezra Orion are an original, prototypical creation - so characteristic of the daring of this gifted artist. The idea of sketching sculptural figures in the solar system is the product of artistic audacity; the result of the compulsion to wrestle with nature; the outgrowth of creative accomplishments on earth.» ~ Simon Peres.

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