Arthur Woods «OURS - Orbiting Unification Ring Satellite» 1986-90.

Arthur Woods, OURS orbital sculpture 1986
OURS - Orbiting Unification Ring Satellite, 1986 - 1990
(Status: Unrealized Date of Initiation: 10/08/1985).

The OURS - Orbiting Unification Ring Satellite - was designed to create a visible «circle in the sky» to celebrate the advent of the new millennium.

Arthur Woods, OURS prototype

The sculpture was technically defined to be a continuous toroidal structure with a crown diameter of one kilometer and a ring thickness of 30 meters in diameter. Launched into space the sculpture would be automatically deployed by inflation. Utilizing a technology called ISRS (Inflatable Space Rigidized Structures) which is a laminate of Kevlar, Kapton and an ultra-violet sensitve resin, after inflation the material membrane of the sculpture would harden upon exposure to sunlight. It was planned that the surface of the sculpture would be decorated by artists from around the world in a effort to make the sculpture a global artwork belonging to the entire world symbolizing world peace and global unity. If realized, the sculpture would appear to viewers around the world in the early morning or early evening sky and would be visible to the naked eye as a recognizable circle approximately one-quarter the size of the Moon.


Arthur Woods, OURS 2