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Pink Floyd - Astronomy Domine

Sun, 2009-03-08 22:51

From : YouTube :: Tag // pink floyd
Astronomy Domine es una canción de Pink Floyd. La canción fue... Author: Lordmadcap Keywords: pink floyd astronomy domine Added: March 8, 2009
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Saturn closest and brightest March 8

Sun, 2009-03-08 10:03

From : Earth & Sky Podcast
March 8, 2009. Today, Earth swings between the sun and Saturn. This is Saturn’s yearly opposition to the sun. At opposition, Saturn rises in the east as the sun sets in the west, and climbs highest in the sky at midnight when the sun is below our feet.
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Scientists track changes in Antarctic ice sheet

Sat, 2009-03-07 10:03

From : Earth & Sky Podcast
Earth scientist Terry Wilson talks about using seismic sensors to record the movement of ice and bedrock in Antarctica to help determine how much ice has been lost.
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Cities can plan for global warming

Fri, 2009-03-06 10:03

From : Earth & Sky Podcast
According to expert Jack Fellows, cities have more than one incentive to plan ahead for global warming. He thinks that if cities plan ahead, they might be able to sell their adaptive knowledge and technologies.
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Hubble's Hotties

Wed, 2008-11-26 03:01

From : SpaceRip
Bad Astronomy author Phil Plait looks back at some of his favorites from the early days of the Hubble Space Telescope.
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M87 in 60 Seconds

Tue, 2008-11-25 18:00

From : The Beautiful Universe: Chandra in HD
M87 is a giant elliptical galaxy. At a distance of about 60 million light-years from Earth, M87 is the largest galaxy in the Virgo cluster of some 2,000 galaxies.
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Hubblecast 23 Special: Seeing the invisible

Tue, 2008-11-25 16:00

From : Hubblecast HD
In this new Hubblecast episode, Dr. J guides us through the fifth chapter of Eyes on the Skies, the International Astronomical Union's movie celebrating the telescope on its 400th anniversary in 2009.
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Countdown to Comeback: Docking at the ISS

Tue, 2008-11-25 14:00

From : Discovery Space Podcast
Dramatic footage of Space Shuttle Discovery docking with the International Space Station.
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How humans came to dominate the Earth

Tue, 2008-11-25 10:11

From : Earth & Sky Podcast
Paul Ehrlich of Stanford explains his ideas on why we humans dominate Earth. He says that our genetic evolution gave us things like dextrous fingers and binocular vision, but what put us over the top was our cultural evolution.
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Creation Astronomy Propaganda Debunked 06

Tue, 2008-11-25 02:22

From : Top Rated
Hey YouTube, where the hell is the HQ version!? Seriously, Red Planet was just awful. A few clarifications: Liquid water on the surface of Mars is an issue, because the low atmospheric pressure allows it to boil away within a few hours. The features at Cydonia Mensae are absolutely *NOT* artificial. They are perfectly consistent with well documented geological processes. The smiley crater is called Galle crater (named for J.G. Galle.) Yes, I'm aware of the controversy over whether or not water or dry landslides are responsible for Martian gullies - the point I'm making is that in attempting to study these features, scientists have produced numerical models proving that liquid water could have been involved (and is not impossible, as Spike stated.) Mars lost its magnetic field because a Giant, Magnetic Field-Eating Space Duck popped by for a snack in May, 1337. The inhabitants at the time were single-celled, and thus hadn't really developed the necessary military strategy to combat gargantuan space-faring birds. Please check out the website for NASA's Mars Science Laboratory: Various media in this video is property of Planetside, NASA, JPL, Caltech, JHUAPL, MSSS, Brown University, DFL Music used in this video: Right Here Right Now (Rendanka Radio Edit) - Fatboy Slim Acceptable In The 80s (Tom Neville Remix) - Calvin Harris The Way It Is - The Prodigy
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Nikola Tesla and The Electric Universe

Tue, 2008-11-25 02:06

From : YouTube :: Tag // tiesto
Nikola Tesla and the Electric Universe - The Big Picture. There was more to Nikola Tesla than a brilliant inventor, physicist, and electrical engineer. He was also very much aware of the broader implications for electromagnetism and electrodynamics. Nikola Tesla, Electric Universe, Plasma Cosmology, Electricity in Space, Astronomy, Electric Comets, Hannes Alfven, Kristian Birkeland, Wal Thornhill, David Talbott, Anthony Peratt. Music 1. Airwave - Tiesto 2. Sandstorm - Darude 3. Airwave - Tiesto 4. Silence - Delerium Author: soupdragon42 Keywords: Nikola Tesla electric universe electricity in space astronomy plasma cosmology free energy consciousness hannes alfven comets wal thornhill david talbott anthony peratt Added: November 24, 2008
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Mid East rocks show promise to store CO2

Mon, 2008-11-24 10:11

From : Earth & Sky Podcast
Columbia University geologist Peter Kelemen talks about an amazing rock that can remove the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from the air.
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Death from the Skies: the End of the World?

Mon, 2008-11-24 09:49

From : The Chris Pirillo Show
Add to iTunes | Add to YouTube | Add to Google | RSS Feed Death from the Skies is an aptly titled book. It s written by my good friend Dr. Phil Plait, otherwise known as the Bad Astronomer. It was written to explain all of the ways the World might end scientifically speaking. Plait, an astronomer and author of the popular Web site, presents in loving detail the many, many ways the human race could die, from temperature extremes and poisonous atmosphere to asteroid impacts and supernovae explosions. Such a state of destruction existed some 65 million years ago, when a giant meteoroid struck Earth, sending up so much flaming debris that the whole planet caught fire and the dinosaurs were wiped out. Solar flare activity could bring on another Ice Age. Worse yet would be a gamma ray burster, a collapsed star whose radiation would be comparable to detonating a one-megaton nuclear bomb over every square mile of the planet. Plait discusses insatiable black holes, the death of the Sun and cannibal galaxies—including our own. Balancing his doomsday scenarios with enthusiastic and clear explanations of the science behind each, Plait offers a surprisingly educational and enjoyable astronomical horror show, including a table listing the extremely low odds of each event occurring. He gives readers a good scare, and then puts it in context. I knew right away when Phil got the contract to write this book. He was extremely excited about this. We met back when I was hosting Call for Help, and we hit it off immediately. We have the same sense of humor, and he is just hilarious! If you think this is just some boring science book you have another thing coming. I just started reading the book, and I m looking forward to getting through it all. I can t imagine there could be any better book on this subject. From a purely scientific standpoint, Dr. Plait knows his stuff. Realistically, the World could end. And death could come from the skies. Make sure you check this book out, educate yourself, and have some laughs along the way. Xfactor-Profits Formula. G7 Forex Trading System. Bet-Science. Want to embed this video on your own site, blog, or forum? Use this code or download the video: object width= 425 height= 350 param name= movie value= /param param name= wmode value= transparent /param embed src= type= application/x-shockwave-flash wmode= transparent width= 425 height= 350 /embed /object br / a href= Chris /a | a href= Live Tech Support /a | a href= Video Help /a | a href= Add to iTunes /a Astronomers eat Kittens, Scientists are Assholes Where Do You Go for a Bit of Web Fun? Do You Want Some 3D Astronomy Software? What is the Best iPhone Astronomy App? Can Physics be Fun? Is the Future of Science Research Open? Microsoft s Free Astronomy Software Register or Name Your Own Star for Free When Politics and Technology Collide America Doesn t Belong to Americans Anymore Join the Geeks Community Death from the Skies: the End of the World?
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AWA: First Contact! November 24 2008

Mon, 2008-11-24 09:00

From : Are We Alone? - SETI Science and Skepticism
From human settlers to alien visitors - when one society meets another, the results can be messy. The Jamestown settlement may have kicked off the colonization of the New World. But, you'll hear how it also left an indelible mark on its ecosystem and the human landscape. Plus, why the Galapagos Islands haven't been the same since their most celebrated visitor set foot on their rocky shores more than a century ago. Also: how a spider led the re-population of Krakatau after a devastating volcanic eruption... the "raining" threat of alien microbes... and one man's emergency plan for when Mars attacks. Guests: Charles C. Mann - author and journalist. His article "America Found and Lost" is in the May issue of National Geographic Magazine Travis Taylor - author of An Introduction to Planetary Defense: A Study of Modern Warfare Applied to Extraterrestrial Invasion Robert Whittaker - Professor of Biogeography at the University of Oxford John Rummel - Senior Scientist for Astrobiology at NASA Timothy Silcott - Director for Information and Development for the Charles Darwin Foundation based in Puerto Ayora, Galapagos Islands
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Spectacular Conjunction

Mon, 2008-11-24 07:00

From : Science @ NASA Feature Stories Podcast
Venus and Jupiter are converging for a spectacular three-way conjunction with the crescent Moon--a rare gathering some are calling 'the sky show of the year.' Today's story tells when and where to look. Please vote for this podcast at PodcastAlley! Get this podcast story.
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Invasion Earth&Beyond PT1 11-21-08/science-news,opinion,callin

Sun, 2008-11-23 20:18

From : TheMainstreamMedia - recent posts - (beta)
My Pubic-TV, call-in show,broadcast from MNN.ORG/NYC.Weekly,FRI,9PM-9:27PM/EST.CH:56-TW,RCN-83./CALLERS:212-757-2076.Also web streamed from and technology news,ufo sightings.Along with humor and opinion.The shows title "Invasion Earth" has expanded to "Invasion Earth and Beyond."
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PT1 Invasion Earth&Beyond 11-21-08/ live talk-callin show,science-related,

Sun, 2008-11-23 18:45

From : TheMainstreamMedia - recent posts - (beta)
My Pubic-TV, call-in show,broadcast from MNN.ORG/NYC.Weekly,FRI,9PM-9:27PM/EST.CH:56-TW,RCN-83./CALLERS:212-757-2076.Also web streamed from and technology news,ufo sightings.Along with humor and opinion.The shows title "Invasion Earth" has expanded to "Invasion Earth and Beyond."
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What purpose is nuclear power?

Sun, 2008-11-23 10:11

From : Earth & Sky Podcast
Nuclear engineer Erich Schneider responds to a question asked by a student from Cote d Ivoire about the purpose of nuclear power.
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Science video

Sat, 2008-11-22 21:31

From : Videos by vrmars
Author: vrmars Added: Sat, 22 Nov 2008 12:31:43 -0800 Duration: 96A science video on Mars presenting one of the VRMars Astronomy Software. The video shows panoramas and images, including the "Whale" panorama and the Martian sunset, taken by NASA's Mars Rover Spirit during the Mars Rover Mission. The video was created with the aid of the virtual reality science software VRMars-Spirit - The Red Planet Mars 3D, released by Sciterian Technologies, and powered by the technology VRPresents that gives an impression of being on the surface of Mars. If you are interested in science, space exploration, take a look at this great astronomy video. You can download this science software at or . Thanks to this astronomy program available at, you can see the planet like you were one of the Mars Rovers. Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Honeybee Robotics/MSSS/Cornell/OSU/USGS/New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science - More at , and in this science software.
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Science Video

Sat, 2008-11-22 14:10

From : YouTube :: Videos by 3dmars
A video on Mars presenting VRMars Astronomy Software. An astronomical video presenting a 3D panorama (anaglyph) of the planet Mars taken by NASA's Mars Rover Spirit during the MER Mission (sol 93). The video was created with the help of advanced astronomy software VRMars-Spirit - The Red Planet Mars 3D, released by Sciterian Technologies and powered by the virtual reality technology VRPresents that gives the user the feel of being on the surface of Mars. It's a great astronomical video for science, astronomy and space exploration enthusiasts. Download demos of this astronomical application at or and enjoy roving Mars. See this planet like you were NASA's Mars Rover. Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell/New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science/MSSS/USGS/OSU/Honeybee Robotics - See more credits in this astronomical software. Author: 3dmars Keywords: Astronomy Software Virtual Tour VRMars 3D Space Exploration Mission VRPresents Science Technology Mars Rover Presentation Reality Planetary Astronomical Video Presentations Sciterian Application Applications Animation The Red Planet Planets NASA Videos Amazing Panoramic Views View VR Panorama Panoramas Image Images Picture Pictures Rovers MER Scientific Astronomic Cosmos Cosmic Educational Added: November 22, 2008
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