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Movies You Haven't Seen But Should: Jacques Tati's Trafic

Thu, 2008-10-09 18:36
Trafic from the IMDB:At Altra Motors, Mr. Hulot designs an ingenious camper car with lots of clever features. A lorry hauls the prototype to an important auto show in Amsterdam, with Mr. Hulot alongside in his car and a spoiled, trendy PR exec, the young Maria, in her sports car packed with designer clothes and her fluffy dog. The lorry has every imaginable problem, delaying its arrival. A flat tire, no gas, an accident, a run-in with police, a stop at a garage, and numerous traffic jams showcas


Fri, 2008-09-05 13:17
“ぼくの伯父さんの交通大戦争”のエンディングのシーン。 せかせかしたオバサン、偉そうにしている伯父さん、ぺちゃくちゃおしゃべり中、 ヒッピー、そして・・・逝っちゃいそうなおじいさん(笑) クルマとヒト、それをワイパーの動きで表現とは、笑っちゃいます^^ Jacques Tati - Trafic - Tergicristalli


Wed, 2008-09-03 23:52
ジャック・タチ監督・主演“トラフィック(邦題:僕のおじさんの交通大戦争)”の一場面。 クルマのぶつかり方とか、壊れ方に個性が現れていて爆笑^^ DSはクルマらしからぬ挙動だし、2cvは情けない壊れ方(笑)。 極めつけは、ビートルの牧師さんが、エンジンフードを開け、 聖壇に“嘆きの祈り”を捧げるがごとく、外れたパーツを手にしたり。。 70年代初頭の車種構成やオートルートの様子が垣間見られるのも興味深い。。 何より、大事故にもかかわらず、みなさん自分の体を確かめるように体操しだすのが笑えます^^ Jacques Tati - Trafic - Maxi incidente

Promises of Mobility

Sun, 2008-08-10 01:32
Carscape from Jacques Tati's Trafic (1971) (Source)The signing of the treaty establishing the European Economic Community in 1957 has had an interesting effect on car culture in Western Europe, so says a 1962 Time article on "Filling Europe's Highways." This effect was noticeable. For example, one executive boasted (from a car showroom near the Arc de Triomphe) that 40% of light trucks in France were manufactured by Volkswagen. This was a testament to how reduction of cross-border tariffs fac