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Fashion Island (Part II)

Sun, 2008-10-05 03:01
Here are the 1977 images of Fashion Island that I mentioned on Wednesday. The first image (top) shows The Broadway, and the central courtyard with its acrobat sculptures. The black and white photo shows the cool Modern display wall of a store called Apropos. And the third image shows the rather unique playground that once stood in the middle of the shopping center. .Except for a couple stores and the koi pond, most of the old Fashion Island is gone. When I was a kid, I'd visit Carl's Toys and th

What is the world’s largest work of art?

Wed, 2008-09-03 01:49
It's a question I've wondered about before. (I once posted about it on the Museum of Hoaxes.) The possible record holders include: 1) a 1½ mile-wide eye created by Tom Van Sant in the Mojave Desert back in 1996. It was made by placing mirrors in the desert whose reflection could be seen by a satellite passing overhead. 2) A 7-mile-long pencil drawing created by thousands of volunteers on an 800-pound roll of paper back in 1991. But there's a new challenger. An artist calling himself "A

mundane aesthetic: Tom Van Sant

Mon, 2008-08-11 23:51
Every time I go to Fashion Island in Newport Beach, I always pass by the Irvine Financial Building and oogle at the pretty mural sculptures that are outside. They are so midcentury mod- marvelous. This past weekend, I took a few minutes to actually walk around and see them up close. The murals were made by local California artist, Tom Van Sant. These murals in particular were made in 1968. He's done quite a few pieces around town and in other locations, like Hawaii, that I've seen and always adm