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FACTBOX: Five facts about CERN’s Large Hadron Collider - Reuters (Www.OSIR.org.in)

Fri, 2008-11-28 12:46
(Reuters) - Following are five facts about the 10 billion Swiss franc ($9 billion) Large Hadron Collider (LHC), which will smash together particles at close to the speed of light after its start-up on Wednesday at the European Organization for Source: www.reuters.com Fatty find augurs well for anti-obesity fight - Independent Online Washington - Scientists have identified a fatty substance made in the gut that signals the brain when it’s time to stop eating - a discovery that could inspire n

MD5 #3

Sat, 2008-11-22 19:24
Miss Dove dá-nos cinco daquelas para deixar o indicador dorido de tanto clicar, apontar ou passar páginas.The Cobra Snake Este é para juntar à pasta que tem o lastnightsparty e o dirtydirtydancing. Cobra Snake é um tipo que anda pelas festas, desfiles, concertos e eventos promocionais de mega marcas e super estrelas, a tirar fotos “LA Style”. As estrelas são muitas: Justice, Busy P, SO ME, Last Shadow Puppets, Santogold, M.I.A., Perry Farrell, Anna Wintour, Digitalism, Karl Lagerfeld e sim, todo


Fri, 2008-11-21 11:14
Save the date! On Friday, 26 December 2008, Pet Shop Bears and BUTT Magazine present a Second Christmas Day/Boxing Day dance party to celebrate the release of BUTT’s 25th issue. Hosts Open Mike & Justin Case as well as guest deejays Wolfgang Tillmans, Andy Calorie, Discodromo and Gymnasticos will be on hand. From 00:00 to 7:00 at the Berghain Cuntine in Berlin.

Tiga vs. Wolfgang Tillmans

Thu, 2008-11-20 09:58
Foto: Wolfgang Tillmans"3 Weeks" - Tiga (2006)

Michel Foucault and art after Minimalism

Mon, 2008-11-17 10:00
Thomas Hirschhorn 24H Foucault » (Auditorium), Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2-3 octobre 2004 (Photo Romain Lopez) Today’s Nottingham talk: Monday 17th November, 6 – 8 pm Michel Foucault and art after Minimalism Lisa Le Feuvre BioCity Lecture Theatre BioCity Nottingham Pennyfoot Street Nottingham NG1 1GF “A glance, stare or gaze is a function of power,” states Lisa Le Feuvre. “Looking involves taking, giving and refusing permissions – a process predicated to control.” In this lecture she relates Fouca

When it’s a Photograph

Fri, 2008-11-14 00:13
When it’s a Photograph November 1–25, 2008 Reception: Saturday, 22 November, 6–8pm Bolsky Gallery at Otis College of Art and Design Gallery Hours: Tue-Sat 10am-5pm, Thu 10am-7pm Doug Aitken, John Bock, Sebastiaan Bremer, Phil Chang, Morgan Cuppet-Michelson, Liz Deschenes, Amie Dicke, Richard Galpin, Arthur Ou, Vinoodh Matadin, Adam Putnam, Paul Sietsema, Yanina Spizzirri, Carly Steward, Wolfgang Tillmans, Yanai Toister, Eugene van Lamsweerde, Inez van Lamsweerde, Marnie Weber, James Welli

Street & Studio im Folkwank Essen

Fri, 2008-10-31 08:52
The exhibition “Street & Studio. An urban history of photography” in the museum Folkwang presents until 11. January 2009 two different production sites of photography and depicts transboundary topics and working methods. Between about 300 exhibits are images of artists such as Joel Sternfeld, August Sander, Erwin Blumfeld and Wolfgang Tillmans. Die Ausstellung “Street & Studio. Eine urbane Geschichte der Fotografie” im Museum Folkwang präsentiert bis zum 11. Januar 2009 zwei unters

ForYourArt Recommendations October 30 - November 5

Fri, 2008-10-31 01:21
Each week, ForYourArt highlights select cultural offerings throughout the week ahead to help you Plan ForYourArt. Be sure to also check out This Week in Art, an overview of cultural news and happenings in the Los Angeles Area. SAVE THE DATE High Desert Test Sites California Biennial 2008 November 7–9, 2008 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30 East of the 5, South of the 10 Cottage Home, 8pm Performance of the myth of Persephone, retold for 21st-century Los Angeles by Margaret Weatherford, dramatized by

Direct8 lancera en décembre une émission sur l'art

Tue, 2008-10-28 09:30
Direct8 lancera en décembre une émission sur l'art En décembre prochain, Direct8 lancera su son antenne "Be contemporary", un tout nouveau programme qui permettra à ses téléspectateurs de voyager à travers l’art en présentant les saveurs artistiques d'une ville différente pour chaque rendez-vous (visites de galeries, ateliers d’artistes, intérieurs de collectionneurs, biennales, foires, lieux atypiques…). Cette émission donnera aussi la parole aux personnalités du monde de l’art : critique

ForYourArt Recommendations October 23 - October 29

Fri, 2008-10-24 00:29
Each week, ForYourArt highlights select cultural offerings throughout the week ahead to help you Plan ForYourArt. Be sure to also check out This Week in Art, an overview of cultural news and happenings in the Los Angeles Area. THURSDAY OCTOBER 23 Wolfgang Tillmans half page Regen Projects and Regen Projects II, 6–8pm New video and photography from German artist Wolfgang Tillmans Art Talk with Susanne Kippenberger MOCA Grand Avenue, Ahmanson Auditorium, 6:30pm In conjunction with Villa Au

Le Mois de la photo 2008 - Photo Month in Paris

Tue, 2008-10-21 17:26
Here at the Hôtels Paris Rive Gauche group we love photography, so November - photo month in Paris - is one of our favourite times of year! Here's our mini-guide... The selection for this year's Paris Photo Month is as interesting as the poster is garish (see at the bottom of the post). We couldn't possible mention everyone here (you can download the complete programme as a PDF file here), but here's our quick selection of exhibitions that look particularly interesting... Bibliothèque natio

tokyo design guide

Tue, 2008-10-21 16:55
click here for the full guide or just click “read more” below to continue. thanks, johnny! [image above via ucla website] My parents moved to Tokyo when I was 1 and I spent almost 18 years there before traveling to the States for college (where I underwent reverse culture shock). Tokyo is my home and it’s a vibrant city where ancient and modern, liberal and conservative, and east and west collide. That’s right, east and west. Japanese culture has often been likened to a salad bar, in which,

Le Mois de la photo - novembre 2008 à Paris

Tue, 2008-10-21 16:05
Aux Hôtels Paris Rive Gauche nous aimons la photo et novembre à Paris - le mois de la photo - est un paradis pour nous ! Voici notre guide... Bon, le dessin sur l'affiche est assez horrible, mais le programme est quand même alléchant avec le thèpe cette année "entre tradition et mutation". Il serait impossible de citer tout le monde (vous trouverez le programme complet à télécharger en PDF ici), mais voici quelques petites expositions qui nous font bien envie. Bibliothèque nationale de Fran

Folkwang-Museum Essen: Straße oder Studio?

Tue, 2008-10-21 12:33
Straße und Studio – zwei Orte, an denen Fotografie entsteht. Das Museum Folkwang in Essen widmet diesen zentralen Produktionsorten eine Ausstellung: “Street & Studio. Eine urbane Geschichte der Fotografie”. Mit rund 300 Exponaten aus dem 19. und 20. Jahrhundert zeigt sich da ein Überblick über die Geschichte der Fotografie – die laut Folkwang-Museum ein Medium der Stadt ist. Rund 300 Arbeiten werden in Essen gezeigt. Darunter sind Werke unter anderem von Diane Arbus, Cecil Beaton, Bras

Untitled (Vicarious)

Mon, 2008-10-20 09:27
Untitled (Vicarious) Shannon Ebner Shrouded Monument, 2008 Chromogenic print 103 × 129 cm Untitled (Vicarious) Photographing the Constructed Object 23 September — 1 November 2008 Gagosian Gallery is pleased to announce Untitled (Vicarious), an exhibition of photographs by Roger Ballen, Gregory Crewdson, Thomas Demand, Shannon Ebner, Peter Fischli & David Weiss, Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Anne Hardy, Leslie Hewitt, László Moholy-Nagy, Carter Mull, Vik Muniz, Hélio Oiticica & Neville

Heute im Kino: If One Thing Matters

Fri, 2008-10-17 05:29
Im Foyer des Museum Kunst Palast in Düsseldorf wird heute um 19:00 Uhr der Film If One Thing Matters - A Film About Wolfgang Tillmans gezeigt. Es handelt sich hierbei um eine Kooperation des Museum Kunst Palast mit der Filmwerkstatt Düsseldorf, der Schule für künstlerische Fotografie, Onomato e.V. und Jörg Sasse. If One Thing Matters - A Film About Wolfgang Tillmans Wolfgang Tillmans wurde mit zufällig wirkenden Bildern aus der Club- und Partyszene der 90er Jahre berühmt. Der Film blickt

FotoFilm - If One Thing Matters - A Film About Wolfgang Tillmans

Thu, 2008-10-16 07:19
In the context “FotoFilm - movies about photography” shows the museum kunst palast on Friday 17. Oktober 2008 at 7 pm the documentary film “If One Thing Matters - A Film About Wolfgang Tillmans” of Heiko Kalmbach. Wolfgang Tillmans became known during the nineties for his photos of parties and club life. Today he is one of the best-known photographers in the world. For four years, filmmaker Heiko Kalmbach followed him around with a video camera, observing his private as well as his professiona

Art For Obama

Tue, 2008-10-14 20:01
Art For Obama Woah, woah woah! Peter Sutherland, Philip Lorca Dicorcia, Wolfgang Tillmans, Jason Fulford, Harrell Fletcher, Larry Sultan, PHIL COLLINS! LUCY LUI!!! And that’s just a name sampling! A mere name smatter! Fifty-eight (one for each state) artists and photographers are offering their work in this online auction that will benefit the Obama Campaign, the DNC, and MoveOn.org. Photographer Dru Donovan is one of the five people who organized this, and while her work isn’t included in t

50 Moons of Saturn: Second edition of the Torino Triennale

Mon, 2008-10-13 20:31
Torino Triennale 50 Moons of Saturn Second edition of the Torino Triennale 6 November 2008 - 1 February 2009 Opening: 5 November 2008 Curated by Daniel Birnbaum http://www.torinotriennale.it “50 Moons of Saturn is an exhibition about inspiration, assimilation and defiance. It includes fifty artists from every part of the world, working in all disciplines. Although often pervaded by a melancholy tone, the selected works by no means reveal an introspective or apolitical spirit. Finding o

Road-Test: Billa's ObsessionsThe Photographer Talks Bikes & Fake Chanel

Thu, 2008-10-09 08:00
Picture the scene: You’re at a club; you’ve had a few too many beers, and you’re dancing like John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever. The last thing you want is a photographer shoving his camera in your face, so you can see yourself in all your goofy glory on some party blog, the next day. But if someone like London-based photographer Billa was taking your photo, you probably wouldn’t mind. A contributor to magazines like i-D, Vogue, and XLR8R, Billa is a key documenter of London’s colorful